Beauty products from the Dead Sea

Located at the lowest point of the Earth, the Dead Sea contains the most minerals from all the seas in the world. Its salt level alone is too high that even the heaviest person on the planet may float in it without worry. For this reason, the Dead Sea has been the source of many ingredients that comprise skin care products. These products have been clinically-proven to be potent and effective in solving many skin problems such as wrinkles, dry skin, and quick aging. These products are also excellent exfoliants that help repair and rejuvenate the skin.

Even in the ancient times, the contents of the Dead Sea have been used as effective anti-aging skin care products. The famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, even went through great lengths just to be granted an exclusive right to own a part of the Dead Sea. She had laboratories built around the lake. In these laboratories, scholars have tried to formulate medicines and cosmetics for the queen’s anti-aging skin care. At present, about 50 modern factories stand around the Dead Sea, following the steps of the great queen. These companies produce majority of the Dead Sea products mentioned in most anti-aging product review websites and magazines.

The wide selection of beauty products being produced from the Dead Sea includes skin care solutions, mineral makeup, and anti-aging remedies. One of the most famous brands that produce skin care products from the Dead Sea is Ahava, which has a wide selection of merchandise that caters to every beauty care need. The company produces a Matifying Toner, a Skin Replenisher, and Mineral Bath Salts that can be good add-ons to a warm bath. A new addition to these products is the Body Sorbet Caress, a moisturizer that does not leave a sticky feel on the skin. It is mousse-light, delicate, and dries out completely when applied. It also keeps the skin feeling soft and moisturized. The best feature of this new product is that it feels cool when applied, unlike other moisturizers in the market.

According to studies conducted on products containing ingredients from the Dead Sea, there seems to be no problem arising from the use of these products. In fact, these products are advantageous in many ways as compared to other inorganic products people may purchase.

Bath salts

Bath salts from the Dead Sea are good treatment options for psoriasis. Just add ample amounts into bath water, dip the affected part into the water for a while, and observe as the solution helps in naturally healing the skin. The bath salts also relieve muscle tension, which is a common problem these days because of the people’s busy lifestyle. The product relaxes tired muscles, making the entire body feel relaxed throughout the bathing experience.

Mineral mud

Soaps and other products made from mineral mud are also some of the most purchased Dead Sea products. Products like these exude the feeling of the Dead Sea waters on the skin, resulting in a revitalized skin. Mineral mud usually comes as an ingredient in cosmetics or as a masque that may be applied on different parts of the body. Upon application and removal, the masque gives a stimulating, tightening, cleansing, and invigorating effect on the skin. It makes the applied areas look refreshing and glowing.

Skin smoothener

The skin smoothener products of the Dead Sea are found to be more effective than other brands available in the market. If combined with other smoothening ingredients, the smoothener from the Dead Sea can remove a high percentage of roughness from the skin as compared with popular brands in the market. For this reason, further studies are being done to create the perfect skin smoothener out of Dead Sea minerals.

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