Installing your stair lift

Installing stair lift is an intricate job hence it needs some basic steps to follow. Of course, installation is required to manage the use of the purchased item but for better safety, some pre-installation guide needs to be followed to avert any kind of after hassles.

The packaging of the item needs to be checked, if somehow it is damaged condition you should not receive it and report back to your purchase point.
You need to verify whether you have received the right box according to your purchase instruction and order. A 15-amp plug with proper grounding is pre-requisite for the installation of the stair lift. Before installation, you need to collect required permission to install the same. For the floor type, need to check the floor strength and the space required for an extension on the upper landing, it is wise to take help from the manufacturer. Otherwise, to avoid all these verifications and evaluation it is better to contact the nearest installer or ask the company for the reference of the authentic installer. After pre –installation formalities have overcome the question of installation of stair lift installation factor.

Normally stir lift boxes are available in three boxes. In the first box, it contains, seat box, track box, unit and top2’ track; seat box and the unit box needs to be set in the upper stair and has to keep aside.
Now track box needs to be unpacked and accordingly, all the components have to be arranged for the fittings of the rail. Normally, track bracket bolts, adhesive clips, call control extension, wood screws, and cord and bracket are placed in this box.
After identifying the bottom track portion, lower track section will be placed on the bottom stairs and track and brackets will be placed against the molding and accordingly set the brackets.
Splice bar is used for the joining of track sections; to hold the track in the proper place the track need to slightly slide and accordingly the screws are to be tightened.

Upper track section needs to be gliding in the lower track section, the splice bar set screws need to make tight to hold the tracks in a firm way.
Lower call control wire needs to be routed properly and with the manual direction given in the instruction leaves.

While installing the main unit somehow certain assistance may be required because this unit is heavy in weight. The unit needs to be taken out of the box without opening it properly and the shipping brace needs to be kept outside.
Slack cable reset procedure deals with a motor belt and pulling pulleys upward which will help to move the unit in an upward direction.
Plastic chain and traveling cord installation are done with adhesive clips, these clips need to be fitted as per the specification with the wall.
Then comes the step of installing the lower limit cam. As it is a safety device and helps to stop the unit in every landing it is required to install it very neatly otherwise there is a chance to occur accidents.
Installation of the seat involves the placement of the seat, it should be done according to the user manual and backrest should be adjusted as per the comfort of the user.
Installing call is the next step and here final routing of the call control wire is done. According to the design of the staircase, the track design needs to be completed.


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