Wheelchair Ramps Information Guide

Wheelchair ramps have become an essential add-on to many homes with stairs and inclines. Portable wheelchair ramps have also become a very practical solution for travelers. Portable wheelchair ramps are generally very lite and are either shorter single pieces or a double folding ramp to allow climbing of greater distances.

Image: HomeAdvisor.com

Wheelchair ramps are often used for getting wheelchairs in and out of minivans or up the stairway in your home.

Portable wheelchair ramps are made out of light weight aluminum or a sturdy abs plastic. Power automated ramps are also a popular permanent solution inside of small minivans. The motorized lift allows you to safely load and unload your motorized wheelchair or scooter into the van without an outside assistant.

When buying a wheelchair ramp there are a few things to take into consideration.
The width of the ramp should be slightly larger than your wheelchair. 36 ramps are a standard size that fit the majority of chairs and scooters. Length of ramps very and be made in almost any size to accommodate the specific application, although the length of a single ramp should not exceed 30′ unless it is to be mounted permanently.

Permanent ramps must always have a level surface at the top and bottom to allow for resting before the next incline.

Outdoor wheelchair ramps have a risk of accumulating water or condensations making the deck slippery. Outdoor ramps should have textured surface to add traction. If the ramp is going to be used in the winter, its recommended to try to place it in a covered area or build a canopy to provide buildup of now.


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