Stairlift – What is a stairlift

Stair Lift is a mechanical device that helps to lift chairs or wheelchair through stairs so that the user can have maneuvered in movement alike normal persons with the chair. For the upward and downward movement through the stairs, a rail is placed; a chair or a platform is attached with the rail and with the rail the chair is used for the movement as per the discretion of the user. These kinds of devices are known as a stair lift, stair-lift, lift chair etc. In 1930 the first specimen of stair lift was introduced by a US company, Inclinator Company of America, by name. In that contemporary period, mainly the victims of polio used this device for movement within house through the staircases.

The first prototype of stair lift chair was made by C.C.Crispen in the year 1920 when he planned an easy maneuvering of his disabled friend, this chair was named as Inclin-ator.
Stairlift chairs are divided into two major components: rail, and carriages.
Rails are the metallic plates fixed on the stairs for the movement of the stairs and in most of the cases, the rails were made out of aluminum for its better durability and lightweight.

Carriages are the components moves on the rail track either by chain interlinked cables or by some other drive management. Most of the domestic carriages have two handles, one sit, and a footrest and depending on the capacity of the user some of the staircases have standing provision.
Although the driving technology behind the movement of the Stair Lift is same, some of the models of this range were much popular like straight rail stair lifts, curved rail stair lifts, curved rail stair lifts, wheelchair platform stair lifts, outdoor stair lifts, pre-owned stair lifts, and goods stair lifts.

Straight Rail stair lifts- This is the simplest form of stair lifts used in domestic purpose and for the straight staircase. In this case, straight stairlift rails are fixed with the steps of staircases and mostly the rails are made of aluminum.

Curved rail stairlifts- These are customized stair lift devices made according to the specification of the staircases of the user. It takes time to execute the installation of this kind of rails and the stair lift devices but the design and the material for rail depend on the nature of the staircases.

Wheelchair platform stair lift- This stir lifts are made for the movement of wheelchairs and thus these constructions of rails are heavier in type and normally wider in size to accommodate the entire wheelchair in its platform edge.

Outdoor stair lifts are made for outdoor movement. These stairlifts are same as indoor stair lifts but provide better weatherproofing accommodation. Around the world, there is good demand for this kind of stair lifts.

Pre-owned stair lifts are resold products and there is good demand for quality used stair lift devices. Once upon a time, only straight rail stair lifts were in good demand in resale market but nowadays like modular kitchen stair lifts are available in convertible option, in this way all kinds of variants now have good resale value.

Some kinds of stair lifts are used for good transport from one place to another. Instead of setting in these stair lifts tray is set to carry loads from one level to another.


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