What Causes Acne in Face Skin

Acne is a small thing that makes you unconfident and it makes your appearance looks worse. Even though acne is not dangerous, it makes your face looks terrible. The thing that makes acne becomes terrible because it leaves a skin scar in your face. Definitely, the skin scar will make your face looks worse and ugly. By the way, if you want to clear the acne, then you should know about what your acne type is. It means you should know about what causes acne in your face skin. However, there are some causes that you have to know.

The first thing that makes acne comes in your face is puberty. Talking about puberty, definitely it is going to talk about acne that happens in women. When you have acne in your face, then you should not worry about it because it is normal. During puberty, your face produces much oil and it becomes an acne in your face. Anyway, this acne can be cleared naturally by using a scrub facial soap. By understanding what causes acne in your face skin, it makes you clear the acne by doing the right way.

The second thing that makes your face has acnes is your bad habit. If you have bad habit such as never clean your face before you sleep, never wear masker when you ride a motorcycle, and many more. Definitely, acnes will come in your face immediately. The pollution and dirt that come in your face will be acnes in your face. That is why you should clean your face every day and every night or after you ride a motorcycle without using a masker. By giving a daily treatment for your face, it is going to make your skin face becomes free acnes. So, those are the things what causes acne in face skin.


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