5 Ways To Make Fast Cash Right Now

Worried about the economy and your job? Looking to save a little extra cash? Need a way to make fast cash easily? There are plenty of ways to make some quick cash when you need it, you need a little creativity and that’s about all!

You don’t have to fall for fast cash scams either. Lots of scams pop up when the economy is bad and people get desperate. The good news is, there actually are plenty of ways to make money, legit business ideas, for you to bring in money to put aside for emergencies or help pay the bills today.

Along with saving money and cutting costs in your budget, it’s easier to get ahead when you make more money too. Here are five quick cash ideas, we’ll post more in the future, but these will get you started.

Each one is designed to (1) cost little or no money, (2) be something you can do right away, that (3) puts cash in your pocket almost immediately.

  1. Sell your stuff on eBay, or sell books and videos on Half.com. You can sell stuff easily using eBay and turn whatever you have sitting around into money in the bank. You are required to have a PayPal business account, but that’s easy to set up, click the link and follow the details.
  2. Offer to sell for others on eBay. You can take a cut of between 15% and 30% depending on the item, but you can help people who aren’t computer literate or don’t have time to sell their stuff for cash too.
  3. Put up a blog online and sell ads. Think it can’t be done? Read this post about how you can make money online with blogging, easily. There are free blog services like Blogger and WordPress, and many sites that now tell you for free how to start writing about what you know and love, and make money at it. It might take a few weeks to see some money come in, but if you put in the time, it’s doable.
  4. Sell services. Can you babysit, fix cars or computers, bake or clean? Look for community swaps, local classified ads, and find folks who need your service right away. You can get business cards for free (small shipping charge) at many online printing sites. Stop at a local chamber of a commerce networking event and pass them out. Try asking friends and family for referrals.
  5. Make extra cash by being an affiliate. An affiliate sends leads to a company and is then paid a percentage of the sale for their help. A great site is Big Crumbs. Big Crumbs allows you to invite friends and family to buy online at a discount. Each time they do, you get a referral fee. You can even get fees from people you bring into the service! It’s a great deal because you can buy discount groceries, restaurant coupons and more, and legit too.


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