Do-It-Yourself Facial At Home – Skin Care Products Review and Skin Beauty Review

You would always hear people tell you to take care of your skin—most especially your facial skin. Aside from your face, the person right in front of you won’t look at other parts of your body while talking to you, right? And yet, we don’t take care of it because of a number of reasons. One of the reasons why we fail to do face care is because time won’t allow us to do so, not knowing that we can take care of our facial skin right in the hearts of our home.

Here’s a guide on how to do facial at home:

First, of course you have to cleanse your face properly so that the ingredients that you’ll be using for the facial will be absorbed. As funny as it may sound, but it is best that you sing ‘Happy Birthday’ as you gently scrub your face to remove the dirt and foreign materials on your skin. You can use a motorized cleansing brush to save up on time. Using this tool will definitely help minimize pores and eliminate blackheads.

Second, don’t be afraid to put on a facial mask. People would choose not to use a facial mask because they have a hard time using it. Its either they use too much product on their face, select the wrong product or they leave it on for too long.

Third, the squeezing part. Yes, squeezing out should be done by the dermatologist, but if you already have a formed pimple on your face, you can do it CAREFULLY at home. If you’ve squeezed out that dirty, old pimple from your face, put a hazel and tea-tree-oil blemish cream on it. Do not put on any other products but this.

Lastly, put on moisturizer or face oil to lock in the ingredients in your face. You should do this after every facial. It is also best that bring along with you a lavender and rose oil to soothe chapped skin whenever it hits.

Skin care is something that every person should be doing. By following these easy steps, we can take good care of our skin and look presentable to every single person that we meet out there.


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