Honey as a Natural Skin Care Ingredient

Honey is most commonly associated with food and is a popular alternative to processed sugar as a sweetener. It has also found some applications in the culinary field, added to give a unique sweetness no other sweetener can provide. This sweet substance also has a few potential applications as a natural skin care product.

Why honey?

Honey is known to be a natural anti-oxidant and possess antimicrobial properties. As an antioxidant, it prevents a process called oxidization, which speeds up cellular damage that causes the skin to lose its elasticity and strength. The use of antioxidants promotes younger-looking healthy skin by slowing down part of the natural aging process. Honey can also kill certain microbes on the skin that can accelerate aging or cause other forms of damage to skin cells. These properties alone make it an excellent choice for use in healthy skin products.

Honey on the skin

There are a number of cosmetics companies that have looked into the possibility of using honey in their healthy skin products because of its hygroscopic properties. This means that honey absorbs moisture when it is exposed to air. When applied topically, it can help keep skin moisturized, keeping it looking fresh. Honey also tends to retain moisture, essentially trapping it and keeping the skin smooth and supple. These properties make honey an effective natural skin care product and a key addition to a skin maintenance regimen.

Honey consumption

It is not just the application of honey to the skin that produces natural skin care benefits, though. The consumption of honey can be useful not only in maintaining healthy skin, but in promoting overall health. Honey contains vitamins B1 through B3, as well as B5 and B6. All of these have been found to rejuvenate skin cells and maintain skin’s suppleness. These vitamins also promote the growth and repair of damaged cells, helping prevent early signs of aging.

Sweet applications and products

Facial masks with honey as a base ingredient are among the most popular skin products. These masks provide rejuvenation for worn-out skin. The reason facial masks are so efficient in maintaining healthy skin because they are thicker than normal creams and work over a longer period of time. They generate enough heat to cause the pores to open, allowing more of the nutrients in the honey to seep into the skin.

There have also been suggestions in using honey as a natural skin care option for fighting acne This condition is linked to oil-clogged pores and bacterial growth on the skin. A honey-based facial mask can cause the pores to open, allowing the oil to slowly seep out. Its antimicrobial properties can also alleviate acne caused by bacteria on the skin. However, it should be noted that this has not yet been definitively proven effective, and some individuals may be allergic to one or more components of honey. It is best to consult a dermatologist before testing this out.

A word of caution

It is worth mentioning that not all types of honey have all of the natural skin care properties mentioned. Antimicrobial properties, for example, can vary widely depending on the source of the honey. Skin can also vary widely from person to person, and what works well for one individual may prove disastrous for another. Therefore, it is important to first consult medical professionals and skin care experts about pure honey or a honey-based product as a viable choice for one’s personal healthy skin regimen.

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