5 tips for saving gas

Here’s a quick list of five tips to save gas. By using these gas saving tips you can save as much as 20-30%!! With the cost of filling a tank between $50-80, that’s a nice piece of change.

1. NUMBER ONE is DRIVE LESS! This is a no-brainer. Start carpooling to work. Combine trips. Don’t drive around just because you don’t have anything else to do. Get out of the car and onto a bike, or walk. Find fun things to do that are less that 10 minutes from home. Don’t be one of those people that drives 20 miles extra to a “sale”, not realizing that you just spent 2 gallons of gas getting there and back. Less driving = more money!

2. Next, DRIVE SLOWER! It’s true – anything over 65 MPH, ideally 60, burns 20-30% more fuel. Your engine is not meant to function efficiently at 70,75, 80 MPH. So SLOW DOWN. Do a test: See how many days a full tank lasts when you’re slowing down compare to usual fast driving habits.

3. Inflate your tires. Don’t laugh. This can cost you another $1-5 per tank. That’s $20 a month.

4. Find the lowest priced gas station at Gas Buddy – drivers input the lowest prices they find in their area. Join and post your own local prices.

5. Pay Cash. Some gas station owners are still gouging for credit card use. This BS is likely to increase in a credit-damaged economy. Use cash to save a few dollars.

Just a word of advice: It’s a good idea to start doing some or all of these, since over the next ten years we’re really going to see fuel costs rise as supplies dwindle. Day to day, prices might be a little higher or a little lower, but into the future, there is nowhere for prices to go but up. Hear T Boone: $150 a year from now…

Boone Pickens: $150 A Barrel Next Year

More tips for saving gas coming soon so subscribe to Saving Cash Tips today!


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