Laser Treatment for Your Skin

In the past, lasers were only seen on television as futuristic space rifles used by space commandos, or massive death rays that mad scientists would create to destroy the world. Now, though, lasers have been developed by scientists to be used as one of the newest types of skin treatments. This new method for skin care has been all the rage in skin clinics lately.

A LASER, or Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, is a machine that emits electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can be seen as visible light, the beams of light we see on television that space commandos would shoot out from their imaginary weapons. Other types of lasers that use non-visible light are called infrared lasers, microwave lasers, and x-ray lasers.

Lasers don’t really look like the space weapons we see on television. Real lasers for skin care are very large and complex machines. Nowadays, lasers are used by doctors for different types of skin treatments. The first type is called laser skin resurfacing.

Laser skin resurfacing involves removing a layer of skin by using the laser to burn parts of a person’s skin. This is done so that new skin can grow, flourish, and fill in the crevices in wrinkles and scars. The first few methods of resurfacing involved the use of chemical peels and microdermabrasion (read: scraping your face). These skin care methods were invasive and very harsh on a person’s skin.

Another treatment is called laser scar removal. In this skin care method, scars are removed by moving the laser along the scar, essentially burning it, and having the new skin under it heal and form a new layer. This has proven to be very effective and reduces 50 to 80 percent of visible scars.

Using lasers can also remove unwanted tattoos. The principle is similar to laser scar removal, except that this method involves burning a certain layer underneath the exposed skin. The laser is adjusted to deliver short pulses of intense and concentrated light and only targets the parts of skin that are tattooed, not the surrounding ones. Basically, the laser breaks up the tattoo underneath your skin. The fragments are then removed and carried away through the bloodstream by the body’s immune system.

Scientists have discovered that lasers, when used for skin care, are an effective and non-invasive way to treat skin. Clinics that use laser technology can now be found all over the world. People have found that there are many advantages and benefits in using lasers in taking care of their skin. Maybe you should try it out too.


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