Platform stair lift

Platform Stair Lifts are similar to the conventional stair lifts but made for wheelchairs or other large devices. Platform lifts are often used in commercial applications for lifting heavy objects as well as wheelchairs to upper levels. Wheelchair lifts are becoming more and more popular for residential lifts.

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There are two main types of platform stair lifts. The first is referred to as VPL or Vertical Platform Lift, these are often used beside stairs or in loading bays. The vertical platform lift goes straight up to the next level. The second type is Incline Platform lift which is often called platform stair lifts which go vertically up along the staircase.

Platform lifts are equipped with a nonslip track so your wheelchair will stay in place while in motion. On the platform stair lift versions, most models have a folding platform to keep it out of the way when not in use. When folded up the lift uses very little space and leaves your staircase free for normal use. Platform stair lifts are a flat platform that is pulled up a rail system using a cable drive system. The rails are bolted to the stairs and support an average of up to 750lbs. Heavy-duty models are also available at additional costs. If you require excessively heavy loads you may want to look into a vertical lift.

Vertical lifts come in two flavors of lift systems, each with their own advantages depending on the application.

Cable lifts use a pulleys system along with aircraft grade cable to lift the platform along up as it glides up a set of rails the next level. Scissor lifts have a set of crisscrossed beams under the platform much like a ski lift that is lifted using hydraulics.

Another popular option for in-home is a home elevator or a minivator. Minivators are a smaller basic version of an elevator that takes up very little space and are and are an elegant lift solution if they fit your budget.

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