Amazing France Golf Holidays

Almost no European country today can provide so much for the golf enthusiast as France does. There are several reasons for this and I want to tell you about them here in this post.

Why is France a top-notch golfing holiday location?

Golf Holidays in France

You may not know it, but France today has over 550 top golf courses. That is more than the number of courses in all other European countries combines.

What’s more, many of them are in the world’s top 100 list. It can for that reason without hesitance be said that France today is the golfing location in Europe if not the entire world.

France’s top courses are too many to list but I can at least try to give you a sample of some of the most known ones. Among the top courses in France are Morfontaine, Les Bordes or Chantilly. A very popular destination for golfers from all over Europe is the city of Biarritz. This French town has recently become the mecca for gold with its eight stellar golf courses that are all close-by.

What speaks for France as an ideal golfing location are not only the 1st class courses and venues but two other very appealing factors:

The short travel time from countries further north such as the UK or Scandinavia along with the moderate, virtually perfect golfing climate and weather. With golf courses in the cooler north to greens in the sunny South of France, golfers can choose what climate fits them best for their favorite sports.

Most of the popular golfing venues in France will have modern hotels that can accommodate any spending budget. One may choose a golfing vacation with luxury pretty much like the holidays of a king or alternatively choose a charming hotel that is more budget friendly.

Today, France has it all for whether it be for the golfing beginner or even the most passionate golfer. You cannot go wrong booking your next golf break in France.


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