10 Weight Loss Tips

Everyone wants to be a fit-fam, rock the bod, look and feel healthy, truth is it is a great decision, you feel great about your body as well as look great. The act of loosing weight is full of old myth itself, there are some very interesting or daunting activities you will be advised to do but below are very helpful tips to help you. Very quickly, here are 10 superb weight loss tips that is easy and helps you achieve your goal of a healthy and sexy body.

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  • Consume more of protein and cut less on carbs: Protein is very essential when an individual wants to lose weight, it can be referred to your ‘healthy friend’ in the nutrition table. Consumption of a high protein diet as been shown to boost body metabolism up to 100 calories per day, while making you feel so full that you can consume a total of 441 fewer calories daily. A study shows that 25% calories if protein can reduce obsessive thoughts of food by a total of whooping 60% as the desire for snacking in the late hours of the night is cut in half. Addition of protein to your diet without any restriction is the yummiest, easier and effective method to lose weight. When less carbs is being consumed an individual is likely to lose weight 3 more times faster and as well as live healthy.
  • Drink enough water: keeping yourself hydrated helps in so many ways, just before eating you can drink some water, you would not feel as hungry as you were before and it helps an individual watch what to eat and what not to. Keeping the body refreshed with enough water can also help an individual’s exercise i.e. you can exercise longer when hydrated than when you do not.
  • Feast on fruits and vegetables more frequently: Instead of satisfying your chocolate craving or some high calories junks or drink, downing some fruits at that point is healthy and helpful for you. Asides from that, fruits have various healthy properties that makes weight loss more effective. Fruits contains lots of water, rich in fiber and also contains few calories, these makes fruits and vegetables have energy density that is a bit low. Also, fruits and Vegetables takes sometime to chew and can be very filling. Various research as shown that munching on fruits help people to weigh less.
  • Get that beauty sleep: In this world of ours, getting that quality sleep is highly underrated, coffee is the order if the day. Sleep is as important as exercising regularly and eating healthy. Several studies in this area as shown that lack of quality sleep is one of the factors for obesity. Lack of quality sleep has shown to be linked to increased risk of about 89% in children and in adults 55%. Apart from weight gain, not having enough sleep is detrimental to the health of an individual, incessant headache sets in and in a bid to get relief from this headache an individual is likely to get addicted to such pain relief pills unknowingly.
  • Avoid stocking or restocking junk foods: resist the thought and it will flee. This will reduce or eliminate the temptation of late night snacking. Junk foods such as chocolates with high sugar contents, biscuit, carbonated drinks, chips, your favorite unhealthy night snack amongst other weight inducing junk foods should be cautiously avoided. However, if you are the type that loves to keep the mouth busy you can as well do it healthy. Snacks such as unsweetened popcorn, oats cake, fruit juice or treat yourself to a nice bowl of fruit salad.
  • Regular exercise: this tip is very effective at loosing weight and keeping fit. Regular exercise helps in burning out excess and unwanted calories. You can register at the gym and start with a coach to keep your progress record, if you do not have the luxury of time create a space for a treadmill in your house, workout at least 6times in a week, just get physically active. You can have a walk with friends, choose to use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Alcohol is not your friend: yes, it is not your friend health-wise and also for your safety. Alcohol contains as much calories as that of a chocolate bar. Excessive drinking also contribute its own quota to weight gain. Rather than filling up on alcohol, try drink some tea, little wonder some Chinese live healthy and longer. Try some green tea, and coffee, apart from keeping you healthy it also comes with a bonus benefit of helping you loose weight. Green tea especially has a supplement extract that helps in weight loss. Green tea contains an antioxidant known as catechins that helps in weight loss.
  • Rather than being on a ‘diet’, eat healthy: what many people fail to understand is the more you are being very cautious and being on a diet, the more weight you gain. Try your possible best to eat healthy by following the tips above and you will be surprise as weight loss comes naturally to you. Let your body be well nourished rather than depriving it of the nourishment it needs by being on a diet.
  • Replace your cooking oil with coconut oil: Known to be very healthy, coconut oil is high in special fats that are unlike other fats it is metabolized differently. Fats from coconut oil has be shown to increase metabolism by 120 calories daily as well as reducing your appetite.
  • Do not skip breakfast: it is called breakfast for a reason, you have been on a fast from the previous night to the present morning. Have a healthy breakfast, if you choose you can include egg in your meal. It is a very healthy dose of protein.

These are the 10 effective tips to weight loss, once the decision has been made by you, I can assure you the rest is very easy.


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