How to Recover from a Thanksgiving Eating Binge

Don’t panic after you see grandma’s candy sweet potato casserole or that to-die-for pie. Fitness and nutrition consultants dish on however you’ll retreat to on course once you’ve got had one too several parts of well, on the subject of everything throughout Thanksgiving.

Image: How to Recover from a Thanksgiving Eating Binge

First: If you wish any facilitate getting ready for the massive day itself, examine this thorough, piecemeal guide to Thanksgiving from Reader’s Digest. And currently acknowledge that it’s that point of year—you’re most likely still fighting off the temptations of leftover day candy and currently, but a month later, you are staring another food fest within the face: Thanksgiving. And boy, do we eat. in line with the Calorie management Council, Americans eat regarding four,500 calories throughout a typical Thanksgiving meal—about one,500 calories from snacking and three,000 from the turkey and trimmings.

Start by making sure you don’t feel guilty for indulging. “It’s Thanksgiving—you should enjoy yourself, guilt-free,” says Nathane Jackson, certified strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist, servicing clients from anywhere in the world through his online coaching programs. He reminds people of the importance of food, which provides much-needed energy and serves as the building blocks for survival. Additionally, this is a time to connect with friends and family, not to get bogged down with anxieties over food choices. Speaking of valuable relationships, check out these secrets to really make your friendships last forever. “After all,” he says, “it’s not what we eat on holidays that ultimately make us gain body fat; it’s our eating habits over the other 355-360 days of the year.”

With the long weekend following Thanksgiving, it may be easy to eat pies and treats the entire time. Someone has to polish off those leftovers over the course of a few days, right? Not so fast, warns Lisa Garcia, registered dietitian at Food Coach, LLC in Laconia, New Hampshire. “One day is just a blip, but if you go four days making those kinds of choices, it’ll be harder to get back into a routine,” she says. “And if you didn’t have a routine, start on Friday.” Greg Robinson, natural pro bodybuilder and owner of Retro Fitness of East Brunswick in New Jersey, agrees. “Allow yourself to enjoy some of the treats on this day—just don’t overindulge,” he says. “The mistake everyone makes is they think by having a treat or two, their diet is destroyed and go on an all-out binge.” But not to fear—it’s not like you won’t recognize yourself in the mirror overnight. “Your body doesn’t immediately put on body fat because of one ‘off’ day or by eating a cookie or piece of pie,” Robinson adds. “Your body will restore back to its normal weight in a few days. Do not panic because the scale moved; this is normal and due to the excess carbohydrates and salt you have consumed, which will pass.”


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