What is the best way to lose weight

Experts recommend that you should lose weight from 2-3 kg/month, consistent with health, to meet the needs of nutrition and physiology of the body.

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Here are some tips to lose weight safely and effectively for those who fall into the overweight and obesity:

Stay away from products / ultra-fast weight loss methods

The most important thing in safe weight loss that people need to know is that they do not affect your health. Thus, the principle is important to lose weight slowly instead superfast weight loss.

Many women want to lose weight fast because of using harmful methods such as oral weight loss drug Express, fasting, dieting, extreme, overtraining, cellulite cream, hot windings, … in essence, these methods will cause you to lose water, lack of energy, CNS inhibition, … and so weight will decline for the first time. However, weight reduction in this case health as well “plummeted” by the body often dizziness, fatigue, skin wrinkling, sagging, persistent diarrhea, heart palpitations, … Not to mention, there have been cases of death because of the intensive weight-loss measures.

Therefore, should lose weight slowly to be effective and safe the best for the health of ourselves.

Limit protein feed, starch, fat, alcohol; Strengthening fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of water

Protein, starch, fat, and alcohol (the alcohol) were the most energy generated. These foods contain many substances will make you excess energy, and the excess amount would make white fat accumulation – causing obesity agents, especially the waist, abdomen, thighs.

Scientific diet is to limit foods high in protein, fat, starch .. but not completely “goodbye” them. Should choose foods rich in protein from milk, fiber-rich carbohydrates, unsaturated fats to bring the highest efficiency

Regularly eating less fresh fruits, green vegetables, fiber-rich foods provide effective in weight loss. Oranges, tomatoes, carrots, apples, capsicum, … are the foods you should put on the menu every day.

Also, drink plenty of water is one way to lose weight safely and effectively. Depending on the degree of mobilization that drinking 2-3 liters of water per day. Drink plenty of water not only helps you to eliminate toxins and waste but also helps you restrict the appetite, lower cholesterol and make the skin becomes smooth.

Do not expose to tobacco smoke; get enough sleep

Often inhale more tobacco causes to health consequences that probably everyone knows: pneumonia, tuberculosis, heart disease, stroke, … And not only that, the new study shows, people often passive smoking regularly prone to weight gain.

Professor Reynolds, researchers from Brigham Young University (USA), said: those who regularly breathe in secondhand smoke will become resistant to insulin. When someone becomes insulin resistant, their body will need more insulin. And when insulin levels rise, they also began to accumulate fat more than the body. That is also why do you so vulnerable to weight gain.

Enough sleep not only makes you gain weight but also keep you awake, have more energy to work efficiently, psychological comfort, motivation rediscover slender physique.

Strengthen physical exercise

Exercise is one of the prerequisites to losing weight, in order to drain the excess fat in the body. Should spend at least 30 minutes a day and 5 days per week for physical activity.

If you have the time and conditions, can come to the gym, yoga or sports courts volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis, … to exercise regularly and have all copies. If not, you can also practice at home in simple ways such as stairs, doing housework, walking, cycling, …

Abandoning the habit of “harmful” for physique

Skip breakfast, sitting too long in one place, often eat fast food, eating too saturated, carbonated drink plenty of water, stay up late to get up early, sleeping in, exposed to computers, phones before bed, … is the habit of making you gain weight quickly.

Abandon bad habits, and do have the opposite is also a way to help you lose weight safely, quickly and efficiently, as well as maintaining weight loss results in a sustainable way.


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