Japanese banana diet

I lost 1 pound already using the latest Japanese banana diet!

Since the beginning of this week, I started eating only bananas and drinking green tea for breakfast. For the rest of the day I eat what I usually eat and when I need a treat, banana it is

In the evening I make sure I don’t eat anything after 20.00h.

And it shows results, be it only 1 pound a week. I must say this week I didn’t exercise either, as I strained my ankle over the weekend. So, all in all, I am happy with my result.

The original Japanese banana diet

The original morning banana diet originates from Japan and works as follows:

  • Eat a raw, unfrozen banana(s) for breakfast, drink warm water
  • If you are still hungry 15 or 20 minutes after your bananas, you can eat other food
  • Eat normally for lunch and dinner
  • Dinner must be eaten by 8 p.m. at the latest (6 p.m. is better)
  • Other than that you are free to do and eat what you like
  • I substituted warm water for green tea without sugar, as I do love to have some taste in my drinks. And I love green tea anyway

Luckily I do love the taste of bananas, and you can go to any Asian shop and buy a different kind of bananas like the delicious small Philippine bananas.

Of course ” other than that you are free to do and eat what you like ” can’t be taken seriously. I mean, you can’t say you are on a diet and start eating fast food like a madman just because you are eating bananas in the morning.

I try to eat as healthy as possible and take food with not too much butter nor fat. Since this diet originates from Japan “eating all you want from Japanese food” is what is meant. So that means to rise, soups and lots of sushi

Anyway, if I only can eat Japanese food, my food intake will be limited by my monthly earnings, which as such is a good way of losing weight as well.

All cheers for this new Japanese banana diet when followed with a conscious dieting mindset.


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