5 Stylish Wedding Themes The How To Guidebook

 A great theme can help you to plan a really terrific wedding. There are numerous possibilities, but the best wedding themes are elegant, personal, and those which will appeal to your guests as much as they do to you. These are ideas for five stylish wedding themes that would be a beautiful inspiration for any wedding.

 Vintage Wedding

Vintage inspiration has been wildly popular for weddings in recent years. It is an easy theme to personalize and to use in a subtle way without going too heavy on the theme. The fun thing about a vintage inspiration wedding theme is that you can choose any era which speaks to you. If you love all the ’50s style tulle bridal gowns in the shops these days, you could have a 1950s theme wedding. Perhaps you love the style of the flappers – a Roaring ’20s theme would be fantastic. The early ’60s is another popular era for wedding style these days, done in a Mad Men chic fashion.


Bubbly makes a celebration bright! A champagne theme is elegant enough for the most formal wedding, day or night, and your guests are sure to enjoy it immensely. Design your wedding around sumptuous fabrics in neutral shades of champagne, beige, and ivory. Sparkling crystal throughout will add to the upscale feeling of this elegant wedding theme. Hang crystal chandeliers, set the dinner tables with cut crystal stemware, and drape the bride in crystal bridal jewelry. Naturally the champagne itself will take center stage, so be sure to serve an abundance of bubbly at the wedding reception. Small splits of champagne with customized labels are the ideal wedding favor for this theme. Pair the bottles with small boxes of champagne truffles for the perfect sweet ending.


Green weddings are a big trend, and they are not just for the earthy-crunchy bride. A wedding can be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. Earth friendly materials and practices can definitely co-exist with high style. Graceful bamboo poles can be used to create a gorgeous arbor for the ceremony site. Drape it with organic cotton voile and fresh organic blossoms to make a breathtaking frame around the groom and the bride in her eco-chic bridal gown (choose a gown made from organic or fair trade fabric, or recycle a vintage gown). Serve organic local cuisine and wine for the reception dinner, which is both green and delicious. Flowers from a local farm arranged in recycled containers will be the perfect centerpieces for your beautiful eco-chic wedding.

 Colors of India

Look to another culture for beautiful wedding inspiration. Whether you are from India or just admire the culture, the colors of India are gorgeous for a wedding theme. A vivid palette of hot pink, gold, and orange with touches of red is the place to begin. Use the colors with abandon for flowers, table linens, bridesmaid dresses, and even your crystal bridal jewelry. Drape sari fabric on the dinner tables and use mirrored fabric draperies to decorate the reception lounge area. A classic paisley motif will be lovely for the wedding cake for a colors of India theme wedding.

 Outdoor Elegance

Outdoor weddings are always popular. Having a wedding under the sun or stars does not have to mean resigning yourself to a casual celebration. A very stylish theme for an outdoor wedding is outdoor elegance. Set up luxurious seating areas outdoors, complete with rugs, sofas, and formal flower arrangements. Hang crystal chandeliers from the trees over long dining tables. The bride can wear a wedding gown with silver embroidery and crystal wedding jewelry. There is something marvelous about the contrast between the outdoor setting and the elegant furnishings and attire which are usually only seen indoors. Outdoor elegance is a wonderful wedding theme for any bride who wants to enjoy the best of both worlds.


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