6 Reasons Why You Are Eating Less and Gaining More Weight

Are you on the “portion control” route to a healthy weight; eat less, but still notice no change? Before you throw in the towel, let’s do a quick habit-check.

#1 Good Fluids are not Sans Calorie– do not neglect the subtle calories in that extra cup of fruit juice, green tea or energy drink. It’s easy to forget that even our healthy drinks have calories that add up and quickly become counterproductive. The key here is to go lots of water, moderate on the juices.

#2 Casual Snacks Count – office desk sweets, idle chatter munchies ….Tiny bits of snacks here and there add up to an unintended meal. You may not feel it, but your body sure is counting. Make a conscious effort to monitor what goes in at all times.

#3 Condiments: Little is Much– A Caesar chicken salad, with lots of dressing rivals that burger forgone. Even when you are going “lite”, those creamy delights add up really quickly. Read the labels, know how much makes a serving and plan accordingly.

#4 Easy on the Grease – Baked portions usually have fewer calories than fried ones. Be mindful of the cooking process. Water is scale friendlier than oil; moist is good, glossy may be too much. Attempt to build a lifestyle around moderate oil intake. It’s good for a healthy weight and heart as well.

#5 Timing is Everything – Eat for energy and nourishment. Take in calories when you can burn them for your daily activities. For most people, that means eat more during the day, lighter in evenings, and generally avoid solids right before bed time. Obey your body clock eat and make the meal work for you.

#6 Stress Less– living in the 21st century is stress itself. Stress induces hormones that increase our bodies’ demand for food. This very quickly reverses any weight loss gains achieved. Make a conscious decision to breathe and sleep.

Now, let’s press rewind and start afresh. Eat well and live long.


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