10 Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim and Don’t Look Old

The Japanese people live and eat healthily, and that is their secret to longevity. Actually, it is home to the highest proportion of people who live more than 100 years in the entire world.

These are the 10 main reasons why Japanese women are slim and younger looking.

1.They drink green tea

The Japanese people love green tea. The preparation of matcha (powdered green tea) is a real ceremony, which is a Japanese cultural activity.

It is made from the dried leaves of the highest quality, which are then milled into a fine powder, which is added to water.

This tea is extremely delicious and beneficial, and it helps weight loss, lowers the risk of cancer and heart diseases, and it is high in antioxidants that fight free radicals and delay the aging process.

A 2006 study published in JAMA found that adults in Japan who drank higher amounts of green tea had a reduced risk of death due to all causes, and people who had 5 cups of green tea daily had 26 percent lower mortality rates.

2.They consume fermented foods

Sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, kombucha and kefir are very common foods in Japanese cuisine.

Fermented foods go through lacto fermentation which preserves their nutrients as well as creates beneficial enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and other beneficial probiotics.

Fermented foods are rich in friendly bacteria which are excellent for digestion that results in weight loss. They also help the body get rid of the harmful toxins.

One study from 2014 showed the link between consuming fermented dairy products and the increase of friendly intestinal bacteria.

3.They consume seafood

Japanese people consume more seafood than red meat. Red meat has been proven to cause various health issues such as high cholesterol, obesity and inflammatory diseases.

Japanese people usually consume seafood with rice and the most common types of seafood are salmon, tuna, mackerel and shrimp.

Fish is very healthy because it contains omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the heart, brain and other vital organs.

These fatty acids can also reduce the fat accumulation particularly in the abdominal area. They can also prevent various skin disorders such as acne vulgaris, non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancer, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

4.They eat smaller portions

The Japanese people practice eating smaller portions because that way you eat less thus you are less likely to gain weight. Smaller portions are much more important than the food you are eating.

Japanese people follow these rules when it comes to presentation of food:

  • They don’t full up the entire plate
  • They never serve a big portion of a food item
  • They always prefer fresh foods
  • They tend to present the food by arranging it in a way to show its natural beauty

5.They walk often

In Japan, both men and women walk a lot. Walking is a good form of exercise to remain slim and fit.

Walking not only helps with weight loss, it also improves cardiovascular health, boosts energy and mood, and helps relieve stress.

Japan’s population is heavily concentrated in cities, and many people commute by train and subways. This means they need to walk or bicycle to the station and back.

Even children walk a good part of the way to school, instead of being dropped off by their parents.

Apart from walking, use of bicycles is also popular. Many people ride bicycles everywhere, which is another good form of exercise.

6.They never eat on the go

Japanese people consider meal times a sacred time. They find it eating on the go very rude and inappropriate.

Japanese people don’t do anything else while they are eating. This includes working and even watching TV. They also tend to eat slowly in order to allow the stomach to signal the brain that you have had enough food.

7.Healthy cooking methods

The Japanese usually eat raw or simmered food and they rarely eat fried food – even when they serve deep-fried foods such as tempura, they are served with other raw and fermented foods which provide balance to the meal.

8.They practice martial arts

Martial arts are extremely popular in Japan and they aren’t only practiced by men, but by women, too.

These exercises and various styles which include judo, aikido karate etc. improve the health of Japanese people as well as their fitness level.

Most of the martial arts people use improve their muscle flexibility, help build muscle strength and also improve their cardiovascular fitness and endurance. You’ll also manage to lose weight by practicing them and also slow down your aging process.

Martial arts can especially be beneficial in obese women in the period before their menopause as well as overweight women.

9.They enjoy hot spring baths

This is a very common practice among Japanese people. Hot springs have the ability to heal and improve the health because of their mineral content.

Relaxing in a hot spring bath helps your body absorb beneficial nutrients such as calcium, silica, magnesium and niacin which improve the blood and oxygen flow in the body. This is particularly helpful for the heart as well as other vital organs.

Taking a hot spring bath at least twice a month can also help you sleep better and reduce stress.

10.They eat healthy desserts

Women in Japan do not eat sweets very often. This is one of the secrets to their slim line. Japanese people usually eat fresh fruit for dessert, and avoid those desserts which are sugar-laden.

Even if they consume Western-style desserts, Japanese women eat significantly small portions of them.


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