A Man Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine Heres What He Consumed

Four years ago, a young man was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. However, what’s surprising about this story is that he succeeded in curing himself only by using natural ingredients. Hence, he didn’t need to use insulin and high blood pressure pills. Instead, he cured these health conditions by consuming raw vegetables and fruits.

This young boy discovered these health issues because he constantly felt thirsty. So, he went to his doctor, did some tests and the results revealed that his sugar turned out to be 29 and his pancreas was no longer working. In the beginning, he started as the doctor recommended, taking insulin, and took part in various sports activities. However, the medical condition became even worse. In fact, as a result of the pills he consumed, his triglyceride levels increased up to 16, his pressure was up to 150/100.

This was the trigger to encourage him to take some more serious step. Inspired by the show “The Edge of Science” when Dr. John Zirdum was the guest on the show, he was motivated to start living on raw foods. He bought a blender and started a completely new life.

The start was quite challenging, but he overcame all temptation and his situation improved significantly. Hence, he quitted his insulin treatment and started losing some weight. Moreover, the results were incredible. The next four months made him a new man.

His daily diet consisted only of raw food and juicing natural and healthy ingredients. Hence, today we present you one of his favorite juices.


  • 2 bananas
  • 2 apples
  • a handful of kale
  • 5 kiwis
  • half a liter of water


All you should do is juice the ingredients. Drink half a liter of the prepared juice in the morning and consume the rest of it throughout the day.

Moreover, when you feel hungry, you can eat unlimited amounts of fruits or salads or tuna due to its B12 content.


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