Chemotherapy remains the most widely used protocol for treating cancer. Considering the groundbreaking discoveries happening all over the world, it is disheartening that the “three pillars”(chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery) are still what doctors choose first.

Oncologists usually recommend rounds of chemotherapy in combination with radiation or surgery in an attempt to stop cancer in their patient.Those in the cancer industry, specifically the medical system and pharmaceutical companies, never use the word “cure” because they don’t view what they do in that way. That should be the first clue that things in the world of cancer aren’t going well.

Instead of surviving cancer, this deadly form of treatment can actually create secondary cancers. It should also be noted that more people are getting cancer than ever in history.

The research published in this highly appreciated magazine, confirmed that at adults in period of 12 years after taking the chemotherapy, the cancer isn’t cured in almost 97% of cases. Nobody, except Dr. Glidden hasn’t asked the question, why is the chemotherapy still in use?

However, Dr. Glidden says that the only reason why the chemotherapy is still in use, is the money! Glidden has also revealed that the chemotherapy medicines unique because the doctors should buy them from the pharmaceutical companies and after they should resell them to the patients in order to make a profit. So, in this case there’s no a direct bribery, but the doctors are directly making money with chemotherapy, of course, only if they sell the medicines.

An Australian study, which dealt with the effect of cytotoxic chemotherapy on the survival rate 5 years after taking of the therapy at the adults that suffered malignant diseases, confirmed that the total effect of the cytotoxic chemotherapy in Australia is 2.3% and 2.1% in the USA. So it is clear that the contribution of chemotherapy in curing the cancer is minor.

Glidden quotes this problem like one of the examples of so called ‘healthy system’, where the money is more important than a human life.

‘This is just a tip of the iceberg of control which the pharmaceutical industry has over us, people’ tells Glidden.

Another doctor that shares a similar perspective is Dr. Leonard Coldwell. For him, the chemotherapy is a poisoned gas of the healthy system.

 ‘They bombard the full human organism then they tell you that the cancer is in remission’, says Dr. Coldwell. ‘The therapy destroys all the biochemical and bioelectric functions in the body- says Dr. Coldwell- taking in thought that in your body nothing works any longer you don’t have cancer any longer, you think that you just are cured. But years after your body recovers, the cancer is back andyou are dead- notes Coldwell. That’s a deadly weapon attack’, he aforesaid and also added that after you irradiate somebody, which will cause scars, and a scar might never become a healthy tissue.


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