Cure Your Back Pain Through Your Feet Just Do These 5 Exercises For 15 Minutes

We can all agree that the feet are particularly important part of the body (even though we often don’t acknowledge this). Every time we do some physical activity, they are working the hardest, because they offer support all the time.

Experts claim that you need to take a good care of the feet, because doing the right thing may help you prevent knee, back and hip pain. Did you know that practicing Acupressure is part of the old Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years? This is true, and experts claim that by placing a sufficient amount of pressure on some points on your body, you alleviate the stress, stimulate the function of various organs and treat a number of health issues. It does work similarly as acupuncture, however here we usually use the fingertips instead of using needles. Just check out the article below and discover more about this ancient technique.


1. Toe Pressing

This is a very simple exercise to do. You only need to follow these simple instructions. First, warm up the leg muscles before you start doing any exercise. One great way to relax and warm up the feet is by doing toe presses. This is very easy – while you stand, slightly bend the knees and then grip the floor with the toes. Stay in this position for three seconds. Do this exercise 3 times every day by doing ten sets every time.

2. Walking on your toes

Experts claim that everyone can do this exercise! You don’t need to be a ballerina to do it. Walking on your toes strengthens your toe muscles, the muscles around your feet as well as the ligaments. It is very easy to do – stand on the tiptoes and go forward for about twenty seconds. Then rest a little (about 15 seconds) and do this again five more times. If you want better results, do this two times a day. The results will amaze you.

3. Ankle circling

Did you know that the flexibility and mobility of your ankles are especially important for your feet and overall health? Yes, and according to experts, the overload the body poses causes restrictions of your ankles resulting in joint and muscle pain. Also, knee, back and hip pain can be a result of tight muscles. This is what you should do – first, lie down on your back and then extend one leg over your head. Next, rotate the ankle of the stretched leg clockwise for about 15 second. Then, switch your legs and repeat this with the other leg. Do this workout every day!!

4. Resisted Flexion

Restricting flextion targets small muscles on your feet that are responsible for keeping balance. This exercise may help you strengthen the muscles and prevent various injuries. This is what you should do –sit down on the floor and stretch the feet in front of you and then wrap one exercise band around your bedpost. Next, put this band on the top of the feet and go backward so you can tighten the band. Bend your foot backwards and stay in this position for five seconds. Make a short break, and do ten repetitions. The results will amaze you!

5. Pencil Pickups

This is a very simple, but incredibly beneficial and efficient exercise. Just place one pencil on the ground and using your toes lift it from the ground. Keep it for about ten seconds and release. Do five repetitions with both feet.


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