Do Not Eat This Fish It is Very Dangerous For Your Health

The Basa fish is very popular all throughout Europe and the USA due to its low price and availability, but have you wondered if the meat has any quality? What you’ll read in this post will definitely shock you!

In Vietnam, near the Mekong River is the area where the Basa Fish is cultivated. This fish can harm your health because of the fact that that river is actually one of the most polluted rivers in the entire world. High levels of toxins and bacteria are in the sewage pools where the fish is cultivated and the meat contains many harmful compounds such as chlorate, hexachlorobenzene, isomers, heavy metals and many more. There have been many tests on toxic contaminants on the meat, and several of them have confirmed the presence of heavy metals, hexachlorobenzene, chlorate, isomers and other contaminants. Due to these findings, the USA has banned the import of this type of fish.

And because of the cheap price, many people will buy this fish without being aware of the dangers that this fish is bringing for the health. What is even worse, this fish does not contain omega-3 oils and other essential nutrients that can be found in natural fish. Maybe it is delicious but it can harm your health! That is why we are recommending you to avoid this

So, the next time you’re in the market and the low frozen Basa fillets attract you with the price, just avoid them – it will be best for your health.


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