How To Play Farm Heroes Saga On Windows

Farm Heroes Saga gift for fans of this the casual games.

The popularity of the games for android allows you to collect in happy stones and other objects not weakened, giving developers an incentive to new incarnations of the old idea. But some games are becoming so popular that the developers get hung up on the idea, one of these games is Candy Crush Saga , as seen creators flush with success has pulled on different Saga, was released Bubble Witch Saga , and now we have to walk on the farm.

 And what do we have instead of candy?

From its predecessor, the game is primarily clearance, then you have not candy to collect and what is primarily associated country life – water, the sun, berries and vegetables. Level is a field filled with all this wealth on there, time is not limited, but has a limited number of moves in which you need to collect a certain number of vegetables, what and how much should be produced depends on the level. The main idea is not much changed, you still have to move is nearby to take out of them a chain of at least three of the same ingredients.

But now their destruction will not pass without leaving a trace for the surrounding space, adjacent fruit-vegetables subsequent destruction will be counted not for one but several. Will assemble a chain in which more than three components receive an extra bonus, for example the chain of five objects with fields to disappear all the same fruit. Will be in-game bonuses, they will allow you to delete individual cells selectively, but sometimes you’ll clean the whole series level.

Decorated game is colorful and cute, objects on the field will be built cute faces, and any significant action will be accompanied by effects that do not give the picture to be boring. An interesting feature is that you can play in portrait and in landscape mode, it’s nice that the creators have taken care to holders of tablets.

Farm Heroes Saga is not a masterpiece and does not have any new idea, but you can play for the sake of a good-looking design.

Download Farm Heroes Saga for PC

If you want to download Farm Heroes Saga on your PC, you need the Android emulator BlueStacks. Check it out, and you can download it on HwaCha.Net with it’s cheat and APK MOD.

Once you have downloaded and installed, Vaks need to download the game Farm Heroes Saga on your PC and open it through BlueStacks.


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