3 Unhealthy Habits That Cause Bloating Indigestion and Acid Reflux

Acid reflux, bloating and abdominal pain usually appear after consuming heavy meals especially dairy or acidic food. Excessive flatulence, nausea and irregular bowel movement also appear together with the above mentioned symptoms. UNC Center for Functional and GI Disorders published a study in which it is proven that 10% to 30% of Americans suffer from bloating. Luckily abdominal bloating is rarely a sign of a more serious disease, but it is still quite unpleasant. People feel sick and often visit a doctor and also use medicines. Find out which are the three surprising causes of bloating, acid reflux and indigestion.

Unhealthy habit #1: Carbs and Protein together

A heavy meal usually contains starch and protein like: steak and potatoes, brad and ham, rice and chicken. These combinations are usually consumed by people all over the world but they are rarely aware of what happens once they enter the stomach. If you don’t combine starch and protein, you must know that starch is more easily digested and in this way it provides your body with energy which is used immediately or stored. Protein, unlike starch, is digested more slowly. When protein and starch are combined, starch is still digested faster but it stays longer in the stomach because of the protein. But it is proven that when starch is not digested fast it ferments and releases gas which makes you bloated.

Healthy tip: Consume both in moderation or consume starch before protein. That is why for example, the bread is served before the main dish in the restaurants.

Unhealthy habit #2: Drinking cold water during a meal

Cold temperatures make our blood vessels to constrict- which slows down the normal digestion because there is less space for oxygen and nutrients to enter or leave the blood stream. That is why if you drink cold water when you consume your meal, it will cause blood vessels in the stomach to constrict which will prevent normal digestion. Even if you do not consume starch and protein in the same time, the cold water will slow down digestion.

Healthy tip: Drink a warm or hot beverage like tea during a meal. You can drink cold water before or after, but not while you’re eating.

Unhealthy habit #3: Carbonated beverages with meals

This is an extremely unhealthy habit but many people have it! Carbonated beverages trigger the production of excess amounts of gas and when they interact with the gastric juices in the stomach, disaster occurs. They also contain sugar and artificial additives. Try to avoid carbonated beverages if you suffer from bloating.

Healthy Tip: Avoid consuming a heavy meal too late in the evening.


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