Diet of a Pregnant Woman

During this phase of a woman’s life she have to eat for two individual. Hence the importance of a healthy and a balanced diet. The healthy diet must be maintain during the pregnancy and while the woman is breastfeeding. Maintaining a healthy diet ensures that the woman’s body get all the nutrients which are needed to aid in the development of the growing fetus in the uterus. Some of the important nutrients include: proteins, carbohydrate, calcium, vitamins iron etc. In the first trimester the pregnant woman can eat small snack in the mornings if she is affected badly by morning sickness, and make up for it by eating a large dinner in the afternoon. While on the other side, pregnant women who are affected by heartburn can have a large breakfast and eat a much smaller dinner in the afternoon.

Food for Pregnant Women

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are very essential for the pregnant woman in all stages of pregnancy. Fruits such as orange is very important as it contains important vitamins such as vitamin C. In her body vitamin C will be need for the growth and repairing of cell her body during the different stages of pregnancy. After she have given birth vitamin C will be needed to help with the repairing of body cells and the healing of wounds in the reproductive area. Vitamin C is also very important for the developing fetus as it will be needed for the development of structures such as bones and other body tissues.

Dark green leafy vegetables are also important for pregnant women during all stages of pregnancy. These vegetables will provide mineral such as iron. Iron will be greatly needed in a pregnant woman’s body as it is used to make haemoglobin for red blood cells. In red blood cells haemoglobin is used to pick up and transport oxygen around the human body. This oxygen will be needed to oxidize glucose to release energy in the pregnant woman’s body. The fact that she is providing energy for two now means that she will have to consume more iron while she is pregnant and while breastfeeding the new born baby.


Diet for pregnant women must include meat, meat which contain a lot of proteins. Proteins in the pregnant woman’s body help body structures and functions such as: repairs and maintenance of body tissues, provide energy, and transport. The developing fetus will also depend on this protein for growth and repairs of its muscles.


Diet for pregnant women must include a large percentage of water. As much as is possible the pregnant woman must drink eight glasses of water per day, must be more but surely not less. Water will be needed in large amounts to keep her body temperature constant,maintain body fluids and to get ride of waste.

Whole-grain bread and Cereals

These foods contain a high percentage of carbohydrates which are needed for the pregnant women and her developing fetus. In their body carbohydrates will provide well needed energy. The cereals will also give them some calcium for bone growth and development.

Things a pregnant woman must not do during pregnancy

  • drink alcohol
  • smoke
  • drink a lot of coffee
  • heat food which contains too much fats


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