Motorcycle Driver License

How to Obtain a Motorcycle Learner’s / Driving License?

If you need to take your motorcycle out on the streets, you will have to get hold of a certification in your state. In most of the states, there usually are two levels to obtain a motorcycle certification:

A. Obtaining a Learner’s Permit.

A motorcycle learner’s permit is the first thing to obtain before learning to drive a two-wheeler / motorcycle on the streets. This learner’s permit is valid for up to a year and happens to be a restricted license with which you are not be authorized to carry a pillion-rider / passenger on your two-wheeler. In addition to that, in many states, you are prohibited from riding in the dark with just a learner’s permit. In general, you need to be supervised by a licensed motorcyclist, who is over the age of 21.

Although each state may have its own set of requirements, obtaining the highly-desirable motorcycle learner’s permit is simple. Many states need you to appear for a written exam and pass it, in order to acquire the permit. The questions in the test are based on the information that can be found in the Motorcycle Operators’ Manual of your state. This can be easily obtained online at your state’s DMV website or in the local DMV office.

B. Motorcycle Endorsement.

Motorcycle endorsement is similar to a vehicle driver’s license. When you have it, you are allowed to carry a passenger with you and driving in the dark would be no problem.

You can get a motorcycle endorsement in two ways.

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