Passing The DMV Driving Test

Your DMV driving test is one that you surely have some anxiety about seeing as how mobility, freedom and independence rides on your passing and obtaining your drivers license. To add to the anxiety; it is said that about fifty percent of drivers fail their road test the first time. Before you enroll for even more driving lessons in order to prepare for your test; read on for tips that can help you get the upper hand on those bleak statistics and rise above the norm by passing your test on the first try.

Passing your test requires more than just taking some driving lessons; it requires confidence and knowledge, both of which go hand-in-hand since you can’t really have one without the other. Understanding exactly what will be expected of you during your test is key. Here are some tips that should help you on the day of your DMV driving test:

– Avoid abrupt movements like breaking too hard or turning too sharp
– Accelerate gently
– Follow at a safe distance
– Obey the speed limits and other posted signs
– Always signal for all turns and lane changes
– Use your mirrors often and turn to check your blind spot
– Drive defensively by being aware and anticipating other driver’s moves
– Drive accordingly for the weather (extra distance from other cars, windshield
wipers on, etc)

Passing your DMV permit test can really be life changing because being able to drive on your own means a freedom and independence like no other. No more waiting for buses or not being able to take a certain job because of the distance or lack of transit and no more having to rely on others to take you where you want or need to go. With so much riding on your passing the test; it’s no wonder that people find it so stressful and downright nerve-wracking! Did you know that more than half of those who take the test fail it the first time? It’s true and quite sad isn’t it? Luckily, a little diligence and awareness is all you need in order to be part of the half of the population that passes.

Your DMV permit test doesn’t have to be the big mystery that it someone’s; one which is only finally revealed on the day of! The more you understand about the test, how it works and what you will be tested on, then the better chance that you have of passing. The test will last approximately twenty minutes and consists of maneuvers that you will use in everyday driving such as: parking, left and right turns, backing up and lane changes. Mastering these is not all you need to focus on, because they will be looking for other things as well; the most important being your ability to be safe.

When they get into a car to test someone, their job is to make sure that they pass only those drivers who are safe and will not jeopardize their own safety or anyone else’s while on the road. Making sure that you actually turn your head to check your blind spot and use your mirrors properly and often are ways to sow your tester that you are being careful. Avoiding making any abrupt movements like hard stops or fast and sharp turns will also help keep things running smoothly — literally! These are just some of the ways that you can actually show your tester that you are keeping safety in mind. Some of the more obvious ones like obeying the speed limits and not tailgating are also a given.

You may think that your actual driving technique is all that matters, but when you’re on the road for your DMV driving test or otherwise, the most important thing that you will need to demonstrate is safety. No matter what move you are making, your tester will be watching to make sure that you are being safe and one slip is all it takes to kiss that license goodbye–and rightfully so since the last thing other drivers or pedestrians need is an unqualified, unsafe driver on the road! There are things that you will be able to do during the course of your test that will show your tester that you are indeed being diligent about safety. The tips mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg.

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