The Drivers Permit Practice Test

How great would it be to be able to have a permit practice test before your dreaded road test? It sure could be helpful to know what exactly is going to be expected of you once you get into your car or on your motorcycle. It’s a misconception that lessons are all you need in order to guarantee a pass, because while they can teach you to drive a car or motorcycle; simply knowing how to go through the motions of driving isn’t enough as there are many other factors to consider when driving outside of just technique. Think that you’re all set and ready to pass with flying colors? Most people do, but statistics show that approximately fifty percent of drivers fail their first road test. That’s huge!

Some of the factors that no doubt play a part in these failures is lack of proper knowledge and confidence as well as nerves. Learning how to get a grip on the nerves and lack of confidence all comes from gaining the right knowledge because we all know the ol’ saying: knowledge is power. This is why a permit practice test would be so helpful, because it would gain you the opportunity to test out your knowledge and up your confidence. Sadly though, you don’t get a practice test through the dmv and would be left to your own devices in this case–and no, I don’t mean getting behind the wheel and testing yourself! One of the best ways to get real insight into the road test before your day comes is to check out a site like Get Ready To Pass where you are able to tag along on a real road test via a video. This real footage of an actual automobile test and motorcycle test will show you step by step and in real time exactly what will be asked of you during your road test. This really is invaluable to you in terms of being prepared for your big day!

Finally, another tip to keep in mind when you’re preparing for and then finally taking your test; safety always comes first. You may think that is just a given, but your tester will want to see that you are being safe, so therefore you will need to know how to show them.

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