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Wood Gartenhaus Pavillons, Gartenhaus Kinder and Gartenhaus Holz

Wood Gartenhaus Pavillon

Looking for a unique outdoor gazebo alternative? Try German gartenhaus pavillons, carport coverings and wintergarten houses for adults, and for children: gartenhaus kinder, which are little playhouses at their best. This article isn’t intended to be a German lesson, but some of the very best and most unusual and delightful garden sheds, small houses, pavilions and gazebos are in fact the ...

Wood vs Aluminum Patio Covers


You know you want a patio cover, but you’re not sure if you should build from patio cover kits you’ve heard about, or hire someone to build a patio enclosure, or if aluminum patio covers are better than wood covers or if you should go with what your neighbors used – alumawood or some other acrylic wood imitation. Patio Cover Design Decide what the patio will be used for once it’s cov...