Witcher Success linked to Lack of DRM Respect for Gamers CD Projekt


The development team at CD Projekt RED working on The Witcher series believes that one of the reasons for the success of the franchise, apart from the gameplay and the story, is the way the studio has interacted with gamers and showed them respects over time. Recently, Andrzej Kwiatkowski; One of the designers on the series told Examiner that his company always wants gamers to get as much value...

Yoshi’s New Island Review UGNN Ultra Gaming News Network

Yoshis New Island Review

The Story: Yoshi’s New Island takes place immediately after Yoshi’s Island where a stork delivers twins Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to a couple in the Mushroom Kingdom assumed to be their parents. The opening of Yoshi’s New Island reveals that the stork had delivered the babies to the wrong couple. The stork reclaims the babies and sets off to locate their real parents, but is am...

ZombiU is coming to PS4 Xbox One PC as Zombi


One of the best Survival Horror games of recent years and one of the best experiences on the Wii U is finally coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC. When the Wii U launched in 2012; There was a distinct lack of titles for the most recent Nintendo console however one of the launch titles became the most talked about for it’s horrifying experiences and was even seen as a return to true survival horr...