Scientists Grow Lung Cells from Stem Cells


Scientists say they have been able to transform human stem cells into functioning lung and airway cells in what they’re calling a first. The results could eventually lead to growing lung material that could be transplanted with a much smaller chance of rejection. “Researchers have had relative success in turning human stem cells into heart cells, pancreatic beta cells, intestinal cells, ...

BSF Man Acquitted in Felani Killing Case


India Border Security Force (BSF) jawan Amiya Ghosh has been exempted from the charge of killing a Bangladeshi teenage girl Felani Khatun. A special BSF court of India found Amiya Ghosh of 181 battalion “not guilty” of shooting dead 15-year-old Bangladeshi girl. The judgment is subject to approval from the competent authority of the BSF. Felani was shot dead by the BSF man while she w...