UK Plans for “3-Parent” IVF Babies


Britain is planning to become the first country in the world to offer controversial “three-parent” fertility treatments to families who want to avoid passing on incurable diseases to their children. The methods, currently only at the research stage in laboratories in Britain and the United States, would for the first time involve implanting genetically modified embryos into women. Critic...

Stuxnet Leak Probe Targets Retired US General


US media report that a former US Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is under investigation for allegedly leaking classified information about a secret cyberattack on Iranian nuclear facilities. NBC News and The Washington Post said that the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating retired Marine General James Cartwright for allegations that he provided reporters with information about ...

Europe Gets Tougher on Cybercriminals

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Tougher penalties for a wide range of cybercrimes have been agreed by European politicians. A draft directive outlining minimum jail terms for some crimes was adopted by the European Parliament on 4 July. The directive says those found guilty of running a botnet of hijacked home computers should serve at least three years in jail. It also seeks to improve co-operation between member states to...